Complete western Bhutan experience
Get an insight into the rural live of Bhutan, where subsistence farming is still practiced.
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Jomolhari Trek
Most popular trekking routes in Bhutan. With the spectacular view of Mount Jhomolhari from Jomolhari Basecamp.
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Bhutan Festival Tour
Witness and experience Bhutanese Folk Dances and Religious Mask Dances, encourages both spiritual and social gatherings with utmost joy.
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Bhutan holiday Planner

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Bhutan Holiday Planner is a registered tour operator with Tourism Council of Bhutan. We specialize in tailor-made tours, based on the needs and abilities of our guests to explore Bhutan.
Expertise and Reliability:
Our Team is highly trained and equipped both in Trek and Cultural tours. Tour information and service we provide are authentic and reliable. We make your tours flexible so that you are not confined by a restrictive itinerary.
Your designated tour guide and driver will be available 24 hours. Our sales agents will also be available to extend help in any matter during your stay with us.
We invite you to experience the extraordinary.

Upcoming Tours and treks

Druk Path Trek

A six day trek combined with 4 days cultural tour in Paro and Thimphu is designed to give our visitors not only wild nature experience but also a glimpse into Bhutan Culture.

Blissful Bhutan Tour

This journey takes you across the entire Bhutanese landscape, providing you with a wonderful insight into a land that time seems to have forgotten.

Customize a tour

Apart from our pre-designed package trips. We have specially designed the customization form to meet our client’s requirement. Please fill the customization form for your distinctive interest and requirements, and we will present you a trip based on your interest.

Destination to Experience

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Dochula Pass
Festivals in Bhutan