About Us

Thank you for your interest in Bhutan Holiday Planner.

Bhutan Holiday Planner is a registered travel agency with Tourism Council of Bhutan. We are determined to discover new, enriching trips with in-depth, authentic experiences. We specialize in tailor-made tours, based on the needs and abilities of our clients, so that our clients get to explore Bhutan on more personal level.

We are equipped with many years of working experiences, Our guides are familiar with the most beautiful tours and are also experienced in high-altitude trekking. Most important, as Bhutanese, we have deeply grained knowledge of Bhutan culture, tradition, religion and history that is part of our daily life. During the trips, our guests have the opportunity to experience the life of Bhutanese and learn about their daily routines and customs. Travels will take you through ancient monasteries and stunning landscapes.

Our Expertise and Reliability:
Our sales and travel consultant have guiding experiences. The trips and travel information we provide come from first-hand experience and knowledge of the local situation. We do our best to make your trips as flexible as possible, so that you are not confined by an itinerary that is restrictive and inflexible. We guarantee that all our tours are purely authentic experiences. When traveling with us, your designated travel guide will be available 24 hours and also our sales agent will be available to respond and help in any matter during your stay with us.

We invite you to join us and experience something extraordinary.

Best Wishes,
Team Bhutan Holiday Planner.
Bhutan Holiday Planner