From the founder

I did not truly discover the beauty of my country until I explored its wonders as a tour guide with my guests. The more I travelled, the more I came to love the land that I call home. In my nine years of experience as a tour guide I have explored almost every corner of Bhutan. Through my interactions with the natives and the visitors I have developed a deeper understanding of the needs of travelers who visit Bhutan.

My knowledge, experiences, skills and my genuine interest in the field are my motivations to set up Bhutan Holiday Planner whose guiding principles are to provide our guests the authentic taste and experiences of Bhutan with its unique culture and breadth-taking landscapes.

We invite you to join us and experience something extraordinary.

We look forward to knowing you and serving you with the best of services and experiences.

Best Wishes,

Dorji Penjor

Dorji Penjor (Founder)