Visa Information

Many who wish to travel to Bhutan finds the visa procedures very complicated. Once you understand our procedure it’s very simple to acquire a Bhutanese visa. It’s usual that most countries issue the visas through their embassies, which is stamped in the passport, but that’s not the case for Bhutan.

One must apply for Bhutanese visa way ahead of your travel plan, through a tour operator in Bhutan.

After your choice of the itinerary, travel schedule planned, with all flights confirmed and your tour payment fully made, we will process your visa within 5 working days. We have an online account to apply for your visa. If in a group, we apply visas for all people traveling at once.
Note: Your passport must have a validity of 6 months.

E-mail us the following details, with a scanned copy of your passport

Once the visa has been approved we will e-mail you the copy of your visa or the group visa, which you will have to print it and carry along with your air tickets while traveling into Bhutan.

The actual visa endorsement is stamped in your passport when you arrive at one of the two ports of entry for tourists. You will receive a visa for the exact period you have arranged to be in Bhutan.